Have A Heart for Horror Cookbook

Order your copy TODAY!!!

Click here to purchase the long awaited B & W version.

The cookbook is now LIVE & available for purchase.

Click the “Have A Heart For Horror” cover image on the right to purchase your copy. 🙂

Contact Lisa at haveaheartforhorror@gmail.com
for more info.

There are two versions of the cookbook released. Both are available NOW which are the complete color version  for $45 and the black and white version is now available for $20.00, this one is more cost effective and the interior is completely grayscale    It’s 163 pages full of recipes, photos, art and poetry, all by women in horror.

A tip about ordering: the publisher is on demand, it’s Lulu.com.  So you can find coupon codes on sites like RetailMeNot for discounts.  The discounts do not affect the revenue for “Get Safe”, instead it is a cost incurred by Lulu themselves.

BENEFIT PROJECT GET SAFE:  All profits from “Have A Heart For Horror” will go to benefit Project Get Safe.  They are a non-profit corporation dedicated to preventing real life horrors such as victims of abuse, domestic violence, teen youth shelters, halfway houses.  They even host an event annually for the developmentally and physically disabled.  This event in dedicated to educating them about safety in all environments.  If you would like to know more about Project Get Safe or learn about how to volunteer, go to www.GetSafeUSA.com .


  • Axelle Carolyn
  • The Soska Twins
  • Shannon Lark
  • Lis & Brenda Fies
  • Deryn Warren
  • Lia Scott Price
  • Reyna Young
  • Nishi Serrano
  • Ursula Dabrowsky
  • Devi Snively
  • Izabel Grondin
  • Geraldine Winters
  • Maude Michaud
  • Melanie Light
  • Corrine De Winter
  • Rebekah Herzberg
  • Sonya Thompson
  • Goldie Fatale
  • Inkerbella
  • The Slash n Dine ladies(Nicole Mikuzis & Megan Owens)
  • Scarlet von Harlet
  • April A. Taylor
  • Karen Lam
  • Susan Bell
  • Molly Madfis
  • Andie Noir
  • Ruby LaRocca
  • Rebecca Lorenne
  • Melantha Blackthorne
  • Shey Lyn Zanotti
  • Staci Layne Wilson
  • Heidi Honeycutt
  • Mary Katherine Sisco
  • Nikki Wall
  • Andrea Albin
  • Lisa Coffelt
  • Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn
  • Char Hardin
  • Roxsy Tyler
  • Beth Accomando
  • Rebecca Snow
  • Tristan Risk
  • Heidi Mannan
  • Tammi Sutton
  • April Monique Burril
  • Kathleen Valentin
  • Annette Slomka
  • L.C. Cruell
  • Ashleigh Nichols
  • Sandra Solanchick
  • Lianne Spiderbaby
  • Rebekah & Rachel Rife
  • Cristyn Wingood
  • Jennifer Cooper
  • Hannah Neurotica
  • Anne Norda
  • Kaci Hansen

Artists & Poets

  • Lindsay Beach(cover)
  • L. Whyte
  • April A. Taylor
  • Eilfie Music
  • Tina Enos
  • Bonnie Reid
  • Lisa Coffelt
  • Anne Norda
  • Tonjia Atomic
  • Angele Caron (graphic design covers)
  • Sharaya Brooks Miracle
  • Claire “Fluff” Llewellyn



10 Responses to Have A Heart for Horror Cookbook

  1. Tammi Sutton says:

    Looking forward to the ‘Have a Heart for Horror Cookbook release!’

  2. Inkerbella says:

    Wahoo….this is so super…not only was it fun to be apart of…but it makes my heart bubble over with blood to know that it’s helping a super charity too!!! 😉 HUGS

  3. LC Cruell says:

    So cool! Love the cover too!

  4. Crizzle says:

    I bought my copy!! Woo!!! The RetailMeNot coupon is awesome! 🙂

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