Internal Thoughts IndieGogo (preproduction)

Well here it is our new campaign.  Its going to be short one(October 16th deadline), but we have a ton of faith in everyone we know to help support it. We’ve pulled strings, and gotten the best of the best to help.  So you can click on the photo above or the link below to go to it. Our goal is $500. We have approximately 70% female cast and crew ratio on this particular film. Let me introduce you to everyone so far:

Lisa Coffelt – Director, Writer, Producer

Jessica Gallant – Fantastic DP, Cinematographer

Rachel & Rebekah Rife – Lead Actresses


Truett Butler – Actress





Crizzle aka Cristyn – Producer, AD, Script Soup

Angele Caron – Stunt Coordinator

Lauren Ishii – Makeup Effects Artist/Hair

Ashli Dayton/Sassy Apples – Hair Accessory Designer

Adam Smith – Actor

Chris Wingood – Producer

James Coffelt – Designer, Grip

Ron Chavez – Photographer

More to be announced soon.

Synopsis: A journey through the mind & body. Depression and anxiety, sex, anger, psychosis, and sadness set in.  This is the journey that our main character Molly will be going through in this film.

Most of my films come from dreams, or images that will pop up in my head before I go to sleep, but this script is personal.  It’s almost an autobiography of sorts, the script was based upon a particular point in my life that was terrifying and horrific. A point where I thought I was insane, and maybe I was but it was something that was so disturbing that I felt it needed to be shared.  It’s a very female centric story, although I’m sure a man could have a similar experience, however I feel that a woman will be able to deliver this role with such conviction, I could never have visualized it otherwise.

“Internal Thoughts” is our baby, and we’ve worked very hard in pre-production to make things happen.  Our shoot date is October 15th and 16th.  And we appreciate anything and everything we can get.

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