imPLANT purchasing

imPLANT DVD’s are being finalized now.  And unfortunately presale prices are now over, but you can still get them at a reasonably awesome rate.See below or on the side bar for regular pricing.

DVD includes all of these awesome shorts, trailers and extras.

  • minishort “Scorn”
  • minishort “Blind Fantasy”
  • an old favorite “Bad Mojo”
  • “Quarters”
  • Trailer for “The Sound of Zombies”
  • and information about the “Have A Heart for Horror” Cookbook

There are 2 options of purchasing.  A basic $6 for just a DVD in a plain white sleeve.  Or $7.49 for the DVD in a completely custom case designed by James Corey Coffelt of Disturbed By Echoes Studios.  Just email us the quantity in in which you’d like to purchase and which option you want, and we will set you right up with your very own copy.

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