Scorn at Bleedfest

Let me introduce you to “Scorn“.

A labor of love that started with an image in mind and a couple of friends.  This was like a side project almost.  Just something to experiment and have fun. I told my two friends, who starred in the film, Ashli Dayton and Adam Smith, that I wanted to do something and it may involve torture of some sort, its going to be in a barn and it’s going to be cold.  They really had no idea what it was about until we got on set.

Synopsis: A sultry woman who likes it kinky with hot candle wax. Every man’s fantasy in the right circumstances… or payback for the wrong man.

We really haven’t put out too much information about this particular film.  Scorn is a mini short of about 1 minute, written and directed by Lisa Coffelt.  We shot this when we went back to visit family Christmas 2010, in about 20 degree weather, so it was extremely cold and there was a windchill.  It cost us literally nothing to make, we borrowed items from family members, such as a deer rack, rope, a ladder, candles and a worker lamp.  We stuffed a small camera into our carry on bag and headed off.  It was shot on a Digital 8 Sony Handycam.  We had 2 lights, the clamp worker light, and a small(like low wattage teeny bulb) overhead light in the barn location we shot in, 3 if you want to count the candle.  My family have about 3 barns to choose from, so we used that as our location.

Scorn will be shown at Bleedfest on September 25th.  The festival is held at EL CID in Silverlake, and is from 1 – 5.  Click on the image below to RSVP. There will be a red carpet event, and I will be getting up on stage to introduce the film.

El Cid Restaurant

4212 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

To purchase Scorn, it’s located on the special features of the imPLANT DVD, along with some other unreleased films, that have been shown on the horror circuit. To purchase imPLANT, scroll up and look for the imPlant DVD cover on the right. The cover was beautifully designed by James C Coffelt from

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