Our Crew

Lisa and James have made every CSL film together. Lisa is a self taught filmmaker, who decided to brush up on technical skills in 2009 at a New York Film Academy workshop. She also has a background in Anthropology and History that often spawn the ideas of films.

James is a renaissance man, who seems to pick up everything and learn it well. As an artist by trade, he also writes scripts, creates logos, grip work and dabbles in the special effects makeup. He’s the MacGyver of short films and the arts.

This team is a duo to be reckoned with as they’ve only started showing us what lingers in their brains.

New to our Crew:

Crizzle & Chris Wingood – Producers Extraordinairs (imPLANT)

Jerry Barksdale – Composer, Musician (Sound of Zombies, imPLANT)

Need work of this sort?  Check out their resumes:

Director/Cinematographer/Editor:LISA’S RESUME