Scorn at Bleedfest

Let me introduce you to “Scorn“.

A labor of love that started with an image in mind and a couple of friends.  This was like a side project almost.  Just something to experiment and have fun. I told my two friends, who starred in the film, Ashli Dayton and Adam Smith, that I wanted to do something and it may involve torture of some sort, its going to be in a barn and it’s going to be cold.  They really had no idea what it was about until we got on set.

Synopsis: A sultry woman who likes it kinky with hot candle wax. Every man’s fantasy in the right circumstances… or payback for the wrong man.

We really haven’t put out too much information about this particular film.  Scorn is a mini short of about 1 minute, written and directed by Lisa Coffelt.  We shot this when we went back to visit family Christmas 2010, in about 20 degree weather, so it was extremely cold and there was a windchill.  It cost us literally nothing to make, we borrowed items from family members, such as a deer rack, rope, a ladder, candles and a worker lamp.  We stuffed a small camera into our carry on bag and headed off.  It was shot on a Digital 8 Sony Handycam.  We had 2 lights, the clamp worker light, and a small(like low wattage teeny bulb) overhead light in the barn location we shot in, 3 if you want to count the candle.  My family have about 3 barns to choose from, so we used that as our location.

Scorn will be shown at Bleedfest on September 25th.  The festival is held at EL CID in Silverlake, and is from 1 – 5.  Click on the image below to RSVP. There will be a red carpet event, and I will be getting up on stage to introduce the film.

El Cid Restaurant

4212 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

To purchase Scorn, it’s located on the special features of the imPLANT DVD, along with some other unreleased films, that have been shown on the horror circuit. To purchase imPLANT, scroll up and look for the imPlant DVD cover on the right. The cover was beautifully designed by James C Coffelt from

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Internal Thoughts IndieGogo (preproduction)

Well here it is our new campaign.  Its going to be short one(October 16th deadline), but we have a ton of faith in everyone we know to help support it. We’ve pulled strings, and gotten the best of the best to help.  So you can click on the photo above or the link below to go to it. Our goal is $500. We have approximately 70% female cast and crew ratio on this particular film. Let me introduce you to everyone so far:

Lisa Coffelt – Director, Writer, Producer

Jessica Gallant – Fantastic DP, Cinematographer

Rachel & Rebekah Rife – Lead Actresses


Truett Butler – Actress





Crizzle aka Cristyn – Producer, AD, Script Soup

Angele Caron – Stunt Coordinator

Lauren Ishii – Makeup Effects Artist/Hair

Ashli Dayton/Sassy Apples – Hair Accessory Designer

Adam Smith – Actor

Chris Wingood – Producer

James Coffelt – Designer, Grip

Ron Chavez – Photographer

More to be announced soon.

Synopsis: A journey through the mind & body. Depression and anxiety, sex, anger, psychosis, and sadness set in.  This is the journey that our main character Molly will be going through in this film.

Most of my films come from dreams, or images that will pop up in my head before I go to sleep, but this script is personal.  It’s almost an autobiography of sorts, the script was based upon a particular point in my life that was terrifying and horrific. A point where I thought I was insane, and maybe I was but it was something that was so disturbing that I felt it needed to be shared.  It’s a very female centric story, although I’m sure a man could have a similar experience, however I feel that a woman will be able to deliver this role with such conviction, I could never have visualized it otherwise.

“Internal Thoughts” is our baby, and we’ve worked very hard in pre-production to make things happen.  Our shoot date is October 15th and 16th.  And we appreciate anything and everything we can get.

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imPLANT Festival Showings

So some exciting stuff that I keep forgetting to share with everyone. You want a chance to see imPLANT in the midwest, here’s your chance.

“imPLANT” has been selected and will be playing at 6 different festivals in 2011 & 2012 across the midwest and south. Fright Night Film Fest 2011, the Metropolis Super Con, the Cincinnati Comic Show, Knoxville Comic & Anime Show, Birmingham Comic Con, and lastly the Nashville Comic & Horror Con. Whew. I hope I remembered all of them. The first will be Fright Night in Louisville, so if anyone wants to attend and pass out flyers and postcards, and meet John Carpenter, let me know.  Fright Night Film Fest 2011 is July 22 -24.

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imPLANT purchasing

imPLANT DVD’s are being finalized now.  And unfortunately presale prices are now over, but you can still get them at a reasonably awesome rate.See below or on the side bar for regular pricing.

DVD includes all of these awesome shorts, trailers and extras.

  • minishort “Scorn”
  • minishort “Blind Fantasy”
  • an old favorite “Bad Mojo”
  • “Quarters”
  • Trailer for “The Sound of Zombies”
  • and information about the “Have A Heart for Horror” Cookbook

There are 2 options of purchasing.  A basic $6 for just a DVD in a plain white sleeve.  Or $7.49 for the DVD in a completely custom case designed by James Corey Coffelt of Disturbed By Echoes Studios.  Just email us the quantity in in which you’d like to purchase and which option you want, and we will set you right up with your very own copy.

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imPLANT on bzzzline

Recently at our premiere of imPLANT we were able to conduct some badass interviews with Alisha Rayne and bzzzline.  In case you missed out on the premiere you can check this out:

imPLANT on Bzzzline

They were also able to catch composer,  Jerry Barksdale and get an interview with him from across the country, take a moment to check it out.

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Curmudgeon: Now available on YouTube

It’s the new and improved Curmudgeon: the five stages of hell, I’ve made a couple of tweaks from the original, so it’s a little shorter.  Please enjoy!

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imPLANT at the Bungalow March 21st

The screening has been reset to March 21st at 8pm. Bring a friend, heck bring 5.

What else would you have better to do on a Monday Night, than to go and watch the 1st screener of imPLANT at the Bungalow Club?   No cover charge, and happy hour prices.

Here’s their website for details on the club. They are located on the corner of Melrose and Formosa. Sound interesting? Please email me at or go to our facebook page to RSVP.

Come out a support our cause.  And let’s not forget that it’s Women in Horror Month in February, and although the screening is not in February, we can still extend our gratitude.

We appreciate everyone’s love and support, so come on down to horror town(i know it’s cheesy).

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New Film currently called imPlant: coming soon

So our latest creation has been in the works for a couple of months now.  Right now we’re calling it imPlant.

Ryan Hollis as Daren



I’m pleased to announce our upcoming film, currently called imPlant. But more excited to tell you about our f-f-fantastic cast. I’m really excited to work with these two, they have tons of talent and I feel will really fill out the roles. We just shot everything on the first weekend of December, and are hoping for a quick turnaround. We’ve also wrangled up a fabulous composer named Jerry Barksdale, who’s been in bands such as Empyrean Asunder and Alice in the Aftermath and donated most of the music for The Sound of Zombies. So all in all we have some super talent coming our way. More to come on updates and things are happening fast and frequent.


Shey Lyn Zanotti as Angela




About our Actors:

Ryan is originally from Baltimore Md.  He is currently working on short films, and sketch comedy in Los Angeles.  Recent L.A. credits include “That’s Tough” on the G4 channel, the short film “Love, Okinawa” directed by James Yamanoha, the comedy feature “Undelivered”, directed by Kosal Doeur, and sketch comedy with Brevity TV and Vassar Entertainment.  This is Ryan’s second passing with Lisa & James, as he was also in “The Sound of Zombies”

Shey Lyn Zanotti: Lived in NYC for 11 years where she studied at the Atlantic Theater Company’s Conservatory program. She continued on with them when she moved to Los Angeles, studying under David Mamet, Clark Gregg, Maggie Kiley and the incomparable Camryn Manheim to name a few. Besides acting in NYC, she also directed numerous shows & taught with the Women’s Project for 5 years.

David Villegas was born in El Salvador at age 17 moved to Mexico City to persuit his Acting carreer then a year later Moved to L.A to continue his acting carreer. You can see his work on Independent films like The Response, The Way to a Woman’s Heart, The Layover, No Return, The Sound of Zombies, Toys on Strike and recently on Kidnapping 101, The Marketeer and El Momento Picante(TV-Show)

David Villegas as David

Another important piece of information is that James has decided to accept my offer as being co-director. He’s always been on set to help, but has never co-directed with me. I’m truly honored and excited to share this experience with him.

For any information on donations or future purchases of imPlant, please contact our director Lisa Coffelt at


Check out our INdieGoGo page to donate. imPLANT on IndieGoGo

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Zombie Swag

Also, available is Zombie swag..please visit for yours.

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Purchasing “The Sound of Zombies”

Packaging by James C Coffelt

The Sound of Zombies: Now available on DVD for  at a discounted price of $5.55. Please email us at with the quantity and we’ll send you a paypal link to pay and fill out your information there. The DVD includes a few extra features, but you’ll have to purchase to learn about those.

The Sound of Zombies was an “Official Selection of the Fright Night Film Festival 2010.”  Hope on the bandwagon and see what the fuss is about. Email us for your purchase today!

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