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Scorn at Bleedfest

Let me introduce you to “Scorn“. A labor of love that started with an image in mind and a couple of friends.  This was like a side project almost.  Just something to experiment and have fun. I told my two … Continue reading

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Internal Thoughts IndieGogo (preproduction)

Well here it is our new campaign.  Its going to be short one(October 16th deadline), but we have a ton of faith in everyone we know to help support it. We’ve pulled strings, and gotten the best of the best … Continue reading

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imPLANT Festival Showings

So some exciting stuff that I keep forgetting to share with everyone. You want a chance to see imPLANT in the midwest, here’s your chance. “imPLANT” has been selected and will be playing at 6 different festivals in 2011 & … Continue reading

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imPLANT purchasing

imPLANT DVD’s are being finalized now.  And unfortunately presale prices are now over, but you can still get them at a reasonably awesome rate.See below or on the side bar for regular pricing. DVD includes all of these awesome shorts, … Continue reading

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imPLANT on bzzzline

Recently at our premiere of imPLANT we were able to conduct some badass interviews with Alisha Rayne and bzzzline.  In case you missed out on the premiere you can check this out: imPLANT on Bzzzline They were also able to … Continue reading

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Curmudgeon: Now available on YouTube

It’s the new and improved Curmudgeon: the five stages of hell, I’ve made a couple of tweaks from the original, so it’s a little shorter.  Please enjoy!

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imPLANT at the Bungalow March 21st

The screening has been reset to March 21st at 8pm. Bring a friend, heck bring 5. What else would you have better to do on a Monday Night, than to go and watch the 1st screener of imPLANT at the … Continue reading

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New Film currently called imPlant: coming soon

So our latest creation has been in the works for a couple of months now.  Right now we’re calling it imPlant. Ryan Hollis as Daren     I’m pleased to announce our upcoming film, currently called imPlant. But more excited … Continue reading

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Zombie Swag

Also, available is Zombie swag..please visit for yours.

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Purchasing “The Sound of Zombies”

The Sound of Zombies: Now available on DVD for  at a discounted price of $5.55. Please email us at with the quantity and we’ll send you a paypal link to pay and fill out your information there. The DVD … Continue reading

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