New Film currently called imPlant: coming soon

So our latest creation has been in the works for a couple of months now.  Right now we’re calling it imPlant.

Ryan Hollis as Daren



I’m pleased to announce our upcoming film, currently called imPlant. But more excited to tell you about our f-f-fantastic cast. I’m really excited to work with these two, they have tons of talent and I feel will really fill out the roles. We just shot everything on the first weekend of December, and are hoping for a quick turnaround. We’ve also wrangled up a fabulous composer named Jerry Barksdale, who’s been in bands such as Empyrean Asunder and Alice in the Aftermath and donated most of the music for The Sound of Zombies. So all in all we have some super talent coming our way. More to come on updates and things are happening fast and frequent.


Shey Lyn Zanotti as Angela




About our Actors:

Ryan is originally from Baltimore Md.  He is currently working on short films, and sketch comedy in Los Angeles.  Recent L.A. credits include “That’s Tough” on the G4 channel, the short film “Love, Okinawa” directed by James Yamanoha, the comedy feature “Undelivered”, directed by Kosal Doeur, and sketch comedy with Brevity TV and Vassar Entertainment.  This is Ryan’s second passing with Lisa & James, as he was also in “The Sound of Zombies”

Shey Lyn Zanotti: Lived in NYC for 11 years where she studied at the Atlantic Theater Company’s Conservatory program. She continued on with them when she moved to Los Angeles, studying under David Mamet, Clark Gregg, Maggie Kiley and the incomparable Camryn Manheim to name a few. Besides acting in NYC, she also directed numerous shows & taught with the Women’s Project for 5 years.

David Villegas was born in El Salvador at age 17 moved to Mexico City to persuit his Acting carreer then a year later Moved to L.A to continue his acting carreer. You can see his work on Independent films like The Response, The Way to a Woman’s Heart, The Layover, No Return, The Sound of Zombies, Toys on Strike and recently on Kidnapping 101, The Marketeer and El Momento Picante(TV-Show)

David Villegas as David

Another important piece of information is that James has decided to accept my offer as being co-director. He’s always been on set to help, but has never co-directed with me. I’m truly honored and excited to share this experience with him.

For any information on donations or future purchases of imPlant, please contact our director Lisa Coffelt at


Check out our INdieGoGo page to donate. imPLANT on IndieGoGo

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